Monday, 8 July 2013

Your Pet Hates - Day 7 of 31 Day Blog Challenge.

How much time have we got guys? This list could go on for a while....

 People who stand on escalators. They are designed to help you walk up and down quicker, not for you just to stand still and not let anyone past like the big lazy sod that you are!

People Who Type Like This In Paragraphs. I Do Not Mind It In Titles But Don't Do It For Entire Post. Like, How Do You Even Have The Energy To Keep Going Back To The Shift Key?

Double Denim.

People to correct grammar on a nice anonymous message. Some people are just not very good with words and punctuation, so don't put them down while they are being nice to you. It's just really blinkin' rude! It maybe took this person a lot of confidence to even speak to you anonymously and look what you just did to them?

-ism's. Just any kind of -ism is enough to wind me up really.

Typing cocopops on a keyboard.

People who make really derogatory comments about my dress sense and how little I wear then continue to try to protest the end to slut shaming.

Having to sit and think up lists of pet hates on sunny days when I should be getting ready to go out to play in the sun with my sun.

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