Thursday, 11 July 2013

10th June: The Perfect Present, Pictures with Daddy and The Un-wanted Lollypop.

So, as most of you may know, I am a huge Pokemon fan so naturally I would try and get my child into Pokemon as well. Started him off on Black and White a few months ago and we've also watched a few movies together and he loves it. Or more so, he loves Pikachu. When we are watching he basically shouts 'LOOK MUM LOOK, IT'S PIKACHU!!' whenever he is on the screen, then when he's  not in the shot shouts 'MUM, WHERE'S PIKACHU?'. over and over again. I was having a little look through eBay a few weeks ago when i can across a pikachu baseball cap and how could i resist. Wednesday morning as a sick little toddler was getting his jimjams on for a nap the post man came. I got a video him opening it and his initial reaction to the hat, let us just say he loved it. I did get a few pictures but keep in mind he was having wee hot sweats; so his hair was a riot!!
Look how happy he is in some of the pictures <3

And to thank me? He lay on my face, hurting me. I still hurt...
Later on we took a walk to the shop where  got some cutiepatootie pictures of Reuben with is daddy.
'hi mum!'

The man in the shop gave Reuben a lollypop, this is not something I would ever buy for my child but we let him have it because we didn't want to take it off him so after some goodbyes and thank yous we set off home where I had to take pictures of his lollypop.
We are just going to chill out for a couple of days now. Let Reuben recover from his little fever by then the heat wave will be over and we can do some arts and crafts to share with you!!

love from

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