Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Mini Clothing Haul.

A local church was donated brand new clothing from F&F by Tesco and they were holding a wee sale today.  All adult clothing, shoes and accessories were £2 and kids was £1 so I popped down to try and pick up Reuben a little wind breaker for this summer so I didn't need to fork out £16 for one at Next! I also wanted to try and get Michael a couple of new long sleeved tops as a little treat. Sadly, There was not to many clothes for little boys or men.
I ended up treating myself to a few new tops. Nothing fancy, just some clothes for everyday wear. Two of the tops, I don't think I would have picked them up in the shop but since they were £2, I pulled them off the rack to have a look and ended up buying them!

First purchase is one I never thought I'd wear but I actually love it:
Size 8 brown and pink flannel shirt with roll up sleeves.
Actually thinks it look cute with a  pair of faded skinnies and my flowery Docs. I can see myself flinging the outfit together quite a lot due to sheer laziness. Which is what I was after, looking good without the effort!

Up next is maybe a little bit more dressy than day wear but it is another item I think i would wear as a everyday 'go to'top to make me feel like I've made an effort. I was a little worried with it being a size 6 because sometimes my boobs are a little to big for smaller sizes but it didn't occur to me just how oversized it was so the girls had plenty of space.

I usually shy away from sheer tops, especially pale ones, without anything underneath as I am very self concious about my mummy tummy but i gave it a bash and I thought it didn't look half bad. Teamed it up with some black leather high waisted hotpants with a black bra and would rock a small(-ish) black  heel with it. And on super lazy days, black tights!

Last but not least is a top I would have no doubt me drawn to in the shop; Snow White. I'm always drawn to the kids section in shops. One, because it's cheaper and two, because half of them have Disney characters on them!As above, always worried my boobs don't fit into a top made for 13 year old girls but I seemed to strike gold again!
I'm' thinking a pair of bold patterned black and white leggings (leggings and batwing tops make me feel like my legs are tiny skinny which makes me happy) with a super cute pair of blue wedges would be super cute.

So, all in all a good haul for £5! Also nice to know it's going towards the community instead of just to a big organisation like Tesco. New Clothing and Peace of Mind, Brilliant.
Hope you enjoyed my first fashion orientated post and I look forward to doing more.

love from

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