Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Introduction and recent Photo - Day 1 of 31 Day Blog Challenge

So, I started a parenting blog on Tumblr but it was just so easy to reblog things it became more of a reblog blog and not too much original content. So I feel the need to start a fresh and move places. Here you will find all things personal. I will aim to keep it as much parenting as possible but I would not be surprised to find that some other stuff worms its way into the blog.

So a little about me and my life:
My name is Jen and I am twenty three years old and I live in Scotland. I've been engaged for four years to the love of my life, Michael, and we have a wonderful child together. His name is Reuben and he was born on the 13th March 2011.
I have just finished a hairdressing, make up and beauty therapy college course and am waitign to hear if I am accepted onto a full time Make Up Artistry course. Two of my favorite hobbies include dying my hair and putting make up on myself, so making a living from it sounds blinkin' awesome!
My other interests are mainly sci-fi and anime related. I don't really like going out to clubs or pubs or anything like that so sit me down in front of Doctor Who, Pokemon, Star Trek or The X-Files and I am one happy lady!

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