Tuesday, 30 July 2013

How to get crayon off a laptop screen!

Unfortunately, I had to figure out how to do this today. Had to make some important phone call and left Reuben unattended with the £1,000+ laptop and a bag of crayons so I will take some of the blame for this fiasco. But how was I going to get this out without damaging the fragile screen fearing I would have to scrub, I tried a few things but figured out this works...

All you need is a few balls of cotton wool and some baby oil, water and distilled white vinegar. Oh and some kitchen..

Soak the cotton balls in the oil and wring out the extra before gently wiping across the screen and it should come straight off.
I then just went over the screen with cotton balls soaked and in a 50/50 water/distilled white vinegar to remove the excess oil and dry it with some kitchen roll and TADA: good as new.

Kudos for figuring out how to open Wordpad and then practising your letters though Reuben.

love from

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