Friday, 26 July 2013

Colour Co-ordination Game. (using coloured pasta)

A simple little game that's tonnes of fun for who ever is involved!

Simply by using a few coloured bowls and pasta dyed to match those bowls, you have a super fun activity both you and your toddler will love! Super simple and can be put away and played over and over again. Actually, for a few days after, Reuben didn't want to play any other game!

Pasta Dying Tutorial Here!

I started explaining to Reuben I wanted him to put the green pasta in the green bowl but before i had finished he'd already begun on the orange pasta, so I will assume this game is really easy for kids to pick up.

Made sure to give tonnes of positive feedback by cheering and telling him he was doing very well.

As well have having a few laughs.

I really do think he enjoyed what has been dubbed 'The Pasta Game'!

Almost Done!!

TA-DA! All done. I'm not sure how long it took Reuben to do(not that it was about time), but as you can tell he thoroughly enjoyed it and so did Mummy! If you have a toddler, try it out. It's great!

I just asked Reuben was he thought of the game:
'yeah, make happy, make happy, make happy and makes happys.'

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