Tuesday, 16 July 2013

If you won the lottery... - Day 14 of 31 day blig challenge.

To do this post, I've just checked the Lottery website and the Euromillions jackpot is currently £19 million. So let's assume that's how much I am winning.

First off, I'd never eat non-organic or non-fair trade. I would also try to eat as local as I could.

£1 million into a savings account for Reuben for his adult life. This would cover a brilliant house for when he goes to university, including furnishings. It would also be there for him to put into his own business or to help further his career in what ever he choose to do with his life. Also would cover things like drivers license and first car.

I'd find the best private nursery, primary school and high school in Glasgow, figure out how much it would cost to send Reuben for his whole education and put that into a different savings account. I'd also add extra for costs such as uniforms and school trip and travel, although I doubt i'd have to worry about it. Maybe about £50,000? That should cover 14-15 years, surely?

I'd then find a house up Glasgow's West End. Somewhere up Park Circus would be ideal. I adore the town-houses in that area. Pretty Central and would be easy to get Reuben to school assuming the best schools are up the West End.

Put money into a pension type account for Michael and myself so even if we manage to blow the lottery win, we have something for when we're old and no longer work.

Michael and I would learn to drive and get a car each. I'd kill for a cutie wee Fiat 500.

Apply for my passport and travel a while. I want to go to Stockholm and Tokyo and Rio and New York. But before the passports are delivered visit London for a nice shopping trip. Maybe stay in the Corinthia and get pampered. Oh, and visit the Who Shop.


Apoligies for my family for being so far down on my list, but I'd pay of my families and in-laws mortgages, give them money to do up their houses, take them on a shopping trip and send them on holiday. And give a lump sum to put into the kids saving accounts too. See them right when they grow up.

Put money into starting my own make up artistry business.

I'm guessing Michael would go back to Uni and then we'd start up a business for him as well.

I've not decided which charities I would give to but I would definitely donate money to children's hospitals. I'd also give money to local start up companies on Kickstart.

I can't think what else I would do...

love from

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