Monday, 22 July 2013

Dying Pasta For Crafts.

This is a super simple tutorial that can get used in all sorts of different arts and crafts as well as fun learning activities.
I will link any activities I use the dyed pasta in so you can have as much fun as we have had with them!

Quick note; I did notice that the blue did not seem to take as well but i'm assuming it's because it is not a natural colour like the others.

All you need:
Food colouring.
White vinegar.
Ziplock bag.

Simply put a few hand fulls of pasta in a zip lock bag, although, I used small tubs also because knowing my luck the bags would burst!

Add one table spoon of food colouring into the bag. Then one tablespoon of food colouring.

Shake the bag for about 30 seconds. If you want a more vivid colour, you can leave the pasta to soak up the colour. I left mine for about half an hour and was happy with how they turned out.

Open the top of the ziplock bag and pour any excess fluid down the sink before leaving the pasta to dry for at least 24 hours on some baking paper. before playing with them! I just put mine on an oven try and left it in the oven to stop any little hands getting to them and covering the house in food colouring!

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