Friday, 19 July 2013

17th June : Coffee Mornings, Free Flowers and Squizzle Throwing.

I may have mentioned it on this blog before but, One of my local churches runs a little coffee morning on a Wednesday morning. If you wanted, it's free, but Michael and myself give a wee donation. Reuben refused to give them a couple of pennies from his wallet this day though, which was quit embarrassing.
As I was getting ready Reuben decided to pick himself out a outfit...
I appreciated his enthusiasm but no underwear, no trousers, a pyjama top, sun hat and welly boots on the wrong feet is not an outside outfit! Think Mummy will pick out your outfits from now on Mr.

The women and men at the coffee morning are lovely. Chatted with the Pastor and his wife as well as other members of the congregation. One of the ladies brought her 6 year old grandson who was put in charge of the other kids that showed up. It was so cute, he made sure Reuben knew where the toys were and that he had enough water and biscuits. Reuben thinks it's brilliant because he doesn't get treats very often then all of a sudden there are all these people offering him biscuits! needless to say he takes advantage.
When we were packing up to leave I got given the flowers from the table.

After the coffee morning we went for a little walk around the Bandstand,
'I don't want my hair fixed, I want to run free Daddy!'
Taking advantage and pushing Mummy's 'Don;t go past the tress' rule!

Then we pulled the squizzle out the bag and had some fun. For all you uncool kids not 'in the know', Squizzle is a game on the show Tree Fu Tom where you have to throw this think that's incredibly un-aerodynamic. Actually quite funny to watch Reuben throw it and it somehow going straight up in the air opposed to where he's trying to throw it...

Daddy is much better at throwing it!

Went awalk to the Main Street because we had a prescription to pick up when we caught the weirdest face mummy has ever pulled on camera!

Came home for lunch time, nap time, some playing and dinner time before Daddy and Reuben went back out a little walk.
Well and truly had a lovely wee day. Now that we're all getting used to the heat a little better. Can't wait to do it all again next Wednesday.

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