Thursday, 11 July 2013

9th July. Pasta Races with Auntie Charlotte.

So the heat wave was still hanging around this day and I think it was one of the warmest days by far. Tried to keep Reuben out the sun as much as possible but we had to go visit my sister as we had not seen her in forever.
Cutie Patootie on the walk down.
Out playing football in the garden.
George Pig socks given to Reuben just Auntie Julia a few weeks ago that he wouldn't wear because they are 'too pretty' and just wanted to look at them and carry them everywhere. Finally got them on, you proud Auntie Julia?
Reuben wouldn't eat his pasta so I challenged Auntie Charlotte and Reuben to a Pasta Race to see who could eat the most pasta, needless to say Auntie Charlotte won!!
Unfortunately both mummy and baby got very grumpy because of the heat and we had to leave and come home.
It had been a long and eventful day so I let him watch a little bit of TV so he put his bean bag in his toy box and just fell asleep in about three minute. Tried talking to him to get him to wake up by himself so i could get a nappy on him and get him up to bed.
it worked for a whole of thirty seconds as he got this far over to me, in a sloth like manner, before crashing on the floor. Needless to say I scooped him up and got a big hug before getting him ready for bed. I always miss getting hugs like I used to when he was tiny, so I take any opportunity I can to have him in my arms.

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