Thursday, 25 July 2013

Your favorite childhood book? - Day 24 of 31 Day blog challenge.

I was trying to find it the other day although I can not recall the title or author of the book.
I think it was called 'Thing' or something?

It was a book I bought with my pocket money at a sale my primary school were having and it was about a girl who have a tiny stegosaurus which some spoiled lass stole because it was the only thing that someone else had that she never had.
I still remember the drawings of this wee stegosaurus hiding in a trash can or behind a tree. It was super cute, I must find out what it is to buy for my son.

Just looked it up as I was about to post this, it's called Thingnapped by Robin Klein.
Can't find it in the UK but when I have the funds to from overseas, I totally will.

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