Tuesday, 30 July 2013

How to get crayon off a laptop screen!

Unfortunately, I had to figure out how to do this today. Had to make some important phone call and left Reuben unattended with the £1,000+ laptop and a bag of crayons so I will take some of the blame for this fiasco. But how was I going to get this out without damaging the fragile screen fearing I would have to scrub, I tried a few things but figured out this works...

All you need is a few balls of cotton wool and some baby oil, water and distilled white vinegar. Oh and some kitchen..

Monday, 29 July 2013

Marimo : Easy Plants for Children.

So, my son loves plants. We planted some Thyme a few months ago and he's really enjoyed watching they grow. Every few days he comes up and shouts 'baby plants, baby plants!' and we go and look at them.
So naturally I wanted to get him a few more plants and even after Granny donated some Basil, it was not enough. I wanted the worlds cutest plants. Marimo!
Marimo are a rare type of algae that grow in balls at the bottom of lakes/lochs in the nothern hemisphere. They are only known to grow in Japan, Scotland, Iceland and Estonia. I think they are the cutest thing ever. Like little green balls of velvet!
Not only are the one of the cutest plants in the world, they are super easy to take care of.
They only need minimal sunlight and a water change every 1-2 weeks. They grow at a rate of about 5mm a year and can grow up to 20-30cm!
Just keep the water at room temperature and pop in the fridge if they get above 25°C. Careful though, they don't survive freezing temps!
Oh, and, you can use them in fish tanks as mini filters as they clean the water!!

Friday, 26 July 2013

Colour Co-ordination Game. (using coloured pasta)

A simple little game that's tonnes of fun for who ever is involved!

Simply by using a few coloured bowls and pasta dyed to match those bowls, you have a super fun activity both you and your toddler will love! Super simple and can be put away and played over and over again. Actually, for a few days after, Reuben didn't want to play any other game!

Pasta Dying Tutorial Here!

Thursday, 25 July 2013

Your favorite childhood book? - Day 24 of 31 Day blog challenge.

I was trying to find it the other day although I can not recall the title or author of the book.
I think it was called 'Thing' or something?

It was a book I bought with my pocket money at a sale my primary school were having and it was about a girl who have a tiny stegosaurus which some spoiled lass stole because it was the only thing that someone else had that she never had.
I still remember the drawings of this wee stegosaurus hiding in a trash can or behind a tree. It was super cute, I must find out what it is to buy for my son.

Just looked it up as I was about to post this, it's called Thingnapped by Robin Klein.
Can't find it in the UK but when I have the funds to from overseas, I totally will.

love from

Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Your Dream Job? - Day 23 of 31 day blog challenge.

Umm, in a 'not a chance in hell' world?
Robert Smiths on tour MUA and Hairstylist. A job where i could tour the world, listen to The Cure and touch Robert Smith? Aha, YES PLEASE.
But alas, The man couldn't look further from having a MUA or hairstylist.

In a 'it could actually happen' world?

I don't think I even need to elaborate on my choice in dream job. Can you imagine showing up for work to do something you love on set of the best show ever to be aired on television?

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Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Best thing to happen this year? - Day 22 of 31 Day blog challenge.

When I asked Michael what is the best thing to happen to us this year, Reuben told me that it was being on a bus. It's nice to know the highlight of my sons year has been a trip on a bus.

I don't know what the best thing to happen to me was. I want to say going to college but in all honesty, I was miserable at my course. If I get into college again this year to study Make Up Artistry  i'll say that.

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Monday, 22 July 2013

Dying Pasta For Crafts.

This is a super simple tutorial that can get used in all sorts of different arts and crafts as well as fun learning activities.
I will link any activities I use the dyed pasta in so you can have as much fun as we have had with them!

Quick note; I did notice that the blue did not seem to take as well but i'm assuming it's because it is not a natural colour like the others.

Your 10 Favorite foods? - Day 21 of 31 Day blog challenge.

1. Mature Cheddar.
2. Extra Mature Cheddar.
3. Gouda.
4. Halloumi.
5. Feta.
6. Brie.
7. Emmental.
8. Parmesan.
9. Mozzarella.
10. Edam.

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A difficult time in your life? - Day 20 of 31 Day blog Challenge.

I suppose I've had a few difficult times in my life. Without trying to sound melodramatic and attention seeking I genuinely have. I will put it in a read more in case anyone is sensitive to triggers.
I also will not link this post to my various social media sights as it would take you into the read more and I don't want to trigger you lovelies <3

Friday, 19 July 2013

17th June : Coffee Mornings, Free Flowers and Squizzle Throwing.

I may have mentioned it on this blog before but, One of my local churches runs a little coffee morning on a Wednesday morning. If you wanted, it's free, but Michael and myself give a wee donation. Reuben refused to give them a couple of pennies from his wallet this day though, which was quit embarrassing.
As I was getting ready Reuben decided to pick himself out a outfit...
I appreciated his enthusiasm but no underwear, no trousers, a pyjama top, sun hat and welly boots on the wrong feet is not an outside outfit! Think Mummy will pick out your outfits from now on Mr.

The Meaning behind your blog name? - Day 18 0f 31 day blog challenge.

Well, in my teenage year I had the nickname 'Squeck' because I was very, very loud and high pitched. Everyone called me it and many people didn't actually know my real name.
One day a friend said to me along the lines of, 'Everytime I heard your name I think of the ZXSpectrum. ZXSquecktrum.' and it just kind of stuck from there in all my URLs.
And obviously, this blog is about my life, so Life By ZXSquecktrum was the wittiest I could come up with.

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Thursday, 18 July 2013

What is your most proud moment. - Day 17 of 31 Day blog challenge.

I don't know, anything to do with Reuben learning new things makes my heart swell with pride.

Like just now, he's transitioned from the phonetic alphabet to the ABC's  without a problem. Well, aside from that things kids do when L, M, N, O, P becomes one word! PROUD MAMA.

He's can count to twenty. Knows 20, 30, 40 etc. Knows 100, 200, 300 etc. PROUD MAMA.

Today I taught him about how food gets to your belly and he totally understood. PROUD MAMA.

First time Reuben sat up. PROUD MAMA.

First time Reuben walked. PROUD MAMA.

First time Reuben does anything PROUD MAMA.

Any time he recalls the events of a day in a picture taken weeks ago. PROUD MAMA.

Just anything really. Everyday with a child just fills you with this undying pride that can not be overshadowed by anything. They are constantly learning and there is no greater feeling knowing you have contributed to that knowledge.

love from

What's at the top of your bucket list? - Day 16 of 31 Day blog challenge.

I don't really have a bucket list. I know there is a few places I'd love to visit but aside from that, and swimming with sharks there is not much.
I mean, there are a few famous people I'd love to meet but I doubt that counts towards a bucket list. I guess I'm just boring.

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Wednesday, 17 July 2013

A selection of funny pictures from the past few days.

So, Reuben has been feeling a bit better now that it has cooled down a bit. So here is the funniest pictures from the past few days. Some of them have been intentional funny faces, some just ended up funny.

love from

Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Time line of your day.

Waking up to 12:50: Did not know I was supposed to be making a time line of my day as I did not get a chance to check Blogger until Michael and Reuben went out for a walk. So I have decided to over compensate and make the rest of my time line very detailed.
12:54: Finally got around to posting yesterdays blog challenge, 'If you won the lottery...'
12:57 - 13:16 : Sat on social media websites while putting off doing some housework.
13:16 - 13:36 : Washed and put away some dishes. Put a load of laundry in the machine. Cleaned bathroom.
13: 36 - 13:51 : Tea break with The Proclaimers and Tumblr.
13:51 - 14:25-sh : Vacuum first floor of house, the stairs and the first floor hall and bathroom before re arranging Reuben's wardrobe.
14:25-ish : Had a dust allergy reaction when empting the Dyson.
14:29 - 15:41 : Back online with another cup of tea until I feel better. (i.e. until my best friend went offline)
15: 41 - 16:00 : footered about the house for a while trying to keep myself busy by folding clothes, tidying my room and what not until Michael and Reuben came home.
16:00 - 20:00 : Played with Reuben, had dinner, played with Reuben again, got Reuben ready for bed, put Reuben to bed, mopped the floors.
20:00 - 22:00 : Watched Secret Eaters, New Girl and The Mindy Protect. Also checked Tumblr and Facebook.
22:00 : Took laptop to bed to finish this blogpost then to play Pokemon Crystal for an hour before going to sleep. Goodnight and thank you for paying attention to my boring day.

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If you won the lottery... - Day 14 of 31 day blig challenge.

To do this post, I've just checked the Lottery website and the Euromillions jackpot is currently £19 million. So let's assume that's how much I am winning.

First off, I'd never eat non-organic or non-fair trade. I would also try to eat as local as I could.

£1 million into a savings account for Reuben for his adult life. This would cover a brilliant house for when he goes to university, including furnishings. It would also be there for him to put into his own business or to help further his career in what ever he choose to do with his life. Also would cover things like drivers license and first car.

I'd find the best private nursery, primary school and high school in Glasgow, figure out how much it would cost to send Reuben for his whole education and put that into a different savings account. I'd also add extra for costs such as uniforms and school trip and travel, although I doubt i'd have to worry about it. Maybe about £50,000? That should cover 14-15 years, surely?

I'd then find a house up Glasgow's West End. Somewhere up Park Circus would be ideal. I adore the town-houses in that area. Pretty Central and would be easy to get Reuben to school assuming the best schools are up the West End.

Put money into a pension type account for Michael and myself so even if we manage to blow the lottery win, we have something for when we're old and no longer work.

Michael and I would learn to drive and get a car each. I'd kill for a cutie wee Fiat 500.

Apply for my passport and travel a while. I want to go to Stockholm and Tokyo and Rio and New York. But before the passports are delivered visit London for a nice shopping trip. Maybe stay in the Corinthia and get pampered. Oh, and visit the Who Shop.


Apoligies for my family for being so far down on my list, but I'd pay of my families and in-laws mortgages, give them money to do up their houses, take them on a shopping trip and send them on holiday. And give a lump sum to put into the kids saving accounts too. See them right when they grow up.

Put money into starting my own make up artistry business.

I'm guessing Michael would go back to Uni and then we'd start up a business for him as well.

I've not decided which charities I would give to but I would definitely donate money to children's hospitals. I'd also give money to local start up companies on Kickstart.

I can't think what else I would do...

love from

Sunday, 14 July 2013

What's your earliest memory? - Day 13 of 31 day blog challenge.

I don't know. In all honest, I can not remember much of my childhood at all.
Although, I can vaguely recall hiding in a suitcase while my mum went to the toilet then jumped out and scared her when I was very young.
I also remember going to a restaurant with my mum and her friends and loudly telling every one at our table that my mum lies in the bath with sliced cucumber over her eyes.

Basically me just upsetting and embarrassing my mum is all I remember off my childhood. Sorry Edith.

love from

Saturday, 13 July 2013

What's inside your fridge? - Day 12 of 31 Day Blog Challenge.

Let us do this thing shelf by shelf.

Top Shelf.
9 Gala apples.
2 tubs of butter.
4 pack Alpro soya Vanilla desserts.
Michaels pickle-type things.
2 orange juice boxes.

Middle Shelf.
1/3 Watermelon.
Tub of Coconut oil.
Elderflower cordial.

Bottom Shelf.
2 bags of carrots.

Unsalted butter.
Block of mature cheddar.
2 tubs soft cheese.
Soya milk.
2 cartons whole milk.

Please do not judge me that not everything is organic.
If I could afford it, everything in the kitchen would be.

love from

Friday, 12 July 2013

List your fifteen favorite things. - Day 11 of 31 day blog challenge.

Favorite TV Shows:
1. Doctor Who.
2. Bones.
3. Criminal Minds.

Favorite Games:
3. Army of Two.
4. Pokemon (any pokemon game really)

Favorite food:
5. Cheese.

Favorite Drink:
6. Lemonade served on a tonne of ice with a drizzle of Elderflower cordial.
7. Guinness.

Favorite Band:
8. The Cure.

Favorite books to read to Reuben:
9. Lost and Found by Oliver Jeffers.
10. Dinosaurs love Underpants by Claire Freedman and Ben Cort.

Favorite Activities:
11. Baking.
12. Eating.
13. Sleeping.
14. Pampering myself.
15. Teaching Reuben lots of new things.

love from

Thursday, 11 July 2013

10th June: The Perfect Present, Pictures with Daddy and The Un-wanted Lollypop.

So, as most of you may know, I am a huge Pokemon fan so naturally I would try and get my child into Pokemon as well. Started him off on Black and White a few months ago and we've also watched a few movies together and he loves it. Or more so, he loves Pikachu. When we are watching he basically shouts 'LOOK MUM LOOK, IT'S PIKACHU!!' whenever he is on the screen, then when he's  not in the shot shouts 'MUM, WHERE'S PIKACHU?'. over and over again. I was having a little look through eBay a few weeks ago when i can across a pikachu baseball cap and how could i resist. Wednesday morning as a sick little toddler was getting his jimjams on for a nap the post man came. I got a video him opening it and his initial reaction to the hat, let us just say he loved it. I did get a few pictures but keep in mind he was having wee hot sweats; so his hair was a riot!!
Look how happy he is in some of the pictures <3

9th July. Pasta Races with Auntie Charlotte.

So the heat wave was still hanging around this day and I think it was one of the warmest days by far. Tried to keep Reuben out the sun as much as possible but we had to go visit my sister as we had not seen her in forever.
Cutie Patootie on the walk down.
Out playing football in the garden.
George Pig socks given to Reuben just Auntie Julia a few weeks ago that he wouldn't wear because they are 'too pretty' and just wanted to look at them and carry them everywhere. Finally got them on, you proud Auntie Julia?
Reuben wouldn't eat his pasta so I challenged Auntie Charlotte and Reuben to a Pasta Race to see who could eat the most pasta, needless to say Auntie Charlotte won!!
Unfortunately both mummy and baby got very grumpy because of the heat and we had to leave and come home.
It had been a long and eventful day so I let him watch a little bit of TV so he put his bean bag in his toy box and just fell asleep in about three minute. Tried talking to him to get him to wake up by himself so i could get a nappy on him and get him up to bed.
it worked for a whole of thirty seconds as he got this far over to me, in a sloth like manner, before crashing on the floor. Needless to say I scooped him up and got a big hug before getting him ready for bed. I always miss getting hugs like I used to when he was tiny, so I take any opportunity I can to have him in my arms.

love from

What's your best physical feature? - Day 10 of 31 Day Blog Challenge.

I don't know, I've just lost almost two stone since November so I'm feeling pretty body confident all round. Found out I was ten stone on November 25th and vowed to do something about it, and I totally have.

Nothing make me more confident than rocking a size 6.

love from

Wednesday, 10 July 2013

What are your worst habits? - Day 9 of 31 Day Blog Challenge.

I can only think of a few:


Smoking is by far my worst. I really do wish i could quit.

Social media.
It's like my morning 'Reuben is eating breakfast' newspaper. Then mid day 'Reuben is napping' newspaper. Then my night time 'Reuben has gone to bed' newspaper.

Leaving everything at my tail.
I'm am not, nor have i ever been, one to tidy up after myself. I leave everything until the last minute before I actually put it away where it's supposed to be.

So I asked Michael:


Leaving things at my tail.

Moaning about Michael waking me up after I've slept through my alarm.

love from

What's in your handbag? - Day 8 of 31 Day Blog Challenge.

I have a toddler, should the question not be 'What's not in your bag?'

Light jacket for Reuben in case it gets too windy and cold.
Spare nappy.
Baby wipes.
Sun Cream.
Cocoa Butter.
Make Up Bag.
De-tangling comb.
House keys.
Wig cap.
Bottle of water.
Two of Reubens' books.
A tub of lamb mince. (not something I usually carry about with me on a daily basis but I was visiting my sister and said I'd bring dinner)

love from

Monday, 8 July 2013

8th July. Three day heat wave...

I purchased lots of arts and crafts stuff for this weekend after hearing that it was going to be miserable but aside from myself dying some pasta(video will be up in a few days hopefully), the crafts have went no further. This heat wave has been half brilliant and half horrible. I'm not good in the heat but I'm trying not to complain too much because Reuben has been out a few times a day over the last three days which he has been loving.
Once again he was out a walk with Daddy in the morning to take his friends dogs a walk.

After leaving the dogs he continued to run about like a crazy man!

After lunch Mummy, Daddy and Reuben and we went out again. Just took a walk down to the Main Street and looked at flowers and hunted for fishes in the burn! Once Daddy tested out the camera by taking close up shots of flowers and is now forced to take pictures of any Reuben thinks are pretty. Too cute.
After a while Reuben started to look a little red regardless of us always making sure he is protected with sun cream.

Reuben is currently watching a little episode of Peppa Pig before we get ready for ready for bed and read some books. Once he's in bed it's time to make some elderflower based drinks with a tonne of ice `and give my legs a shave because it'll be sunny again tomorrow and I will melt if I need to wear tights again. Oh, and a mani-pedi and facial sounds like it is on the cards for me tonight as well.I'm going to be sexy for the rest of this heat wave guys!

love from

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