Sunday, 7 July 2013

7th July. Two suncream days in a row? Are we still in Scotland?

Apparently Reuben and I were never meant to have nice photographs together... 
but it does not stop us from trying!
We took a little walk over to see India and Nathan, Reubens cousins, while their Granny was there. I took some pictures but I forgot to ask permission from their mum and dad to put their pictures online so you'll just need to take my word for it that they had fun!
Reuben and India played on the slides and in the Wendy house as well as spinning about the clothes poles while the adults lazed about. Now, isn't that just the perfect day?
Unfortunatley it was a little to sunny for Reuben and he started to look quite red so I whisked him home as quickly as I could with fear he would burn. Don't want my perfect wee baba to be sore. And also, there was a part of my brain that thought it would be wise to wear leather hotpants, not a wise choice.
Yet another lovely day with the in-laws.

love from

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