Saturday, 6 July 2013

6th July: A rare sunny day in Scotland.

The son was out today and I was not expecting it at all. I was told the weather would be less than nice this weekend so needless to say, we gave Reuben as much time out playing as possible today.

Once I got him ready I thought he was super cute to asked him if I could get a few pictures of him and he quickly agreed and dragged me into the hall where he began to model. There is no other words for what he was doing other than modelling. He was doing all these poses on the bottom step and I could barely contain my laughter to capture them on camera.
(socks and sandals fashion faux pas.)

First time out, Michael took him a walk with his friend and his dogs. Reuben adores these does more than anything. Always has lots to tell me when they are back from their walk.
After a quick lunch and mummy finally planning an outfit, finally other chance to run free!
We ended up just taking a little walk up to see Michaels mum. Where he was allowed diluting juice, because it's 'Grannies Special Juice' and some biscuits. He was so proud of his biscuits I was forced to take a picture
Then we broke a 'gender stereotype' before shooting everyone and everything with guns.
We then realised it was already almost dinner time and had to head home. Pretending to be dragons, dinosaurs, meerkats and frogs all the way home. We also danced, Reuben is a natural. It was just so lovely having nice weather when it is not expected.

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