Monday, 8 July 2013

8th July. Three day heat wave...

I purchased lots of arts and crafts stuff for this weekend after hearing that it was going to be miserable but aside from myself dying some pasta(video will be up in a few days hopefully), the crafts have went no further. This heat wave has been half brilliant and half horrible. I'm not good in the heat but I'm trying not to complain too much because Reuben has been out a few times a day over the last three days which he has been loving.
Once again he was out a walk with Daddy in the morning to take his friends dogs a walk.

After leaving the dogs he continued to run about like a crazy man!

After lunch Mummy, Daddy and Reuben and we went out again. Just took a walk down to the Main Street and looked at flowers and hunted for fishes in the burn! Once Daddy tested out the camera by taking close up shots of flowers and is now forced to take pictures of any Reuben thinks are pretty. Too cute.
After a while Reuben started to look a little red regardless of us always making sure he is protected with sun cream.

Reuben is currently watching a little episode of Peppa Pig before we get ready for ready for bed and read some books. Once he's in bed it's time to make some elderflower based drinks with a tonne of ice `and give my legs a shave because it'll be sunny again tomorrow and I will melt if I need to wear tights again. Oh, and a mani-pedi and facial sounds like it is on the cards for me tonight as well.I'm going to be sexy for the rest of this heat wave guys!

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