Thursday, 15 August 2013

What are you looking forward to? - Day 28 of 31 Day Blog Challenge.

Starting college at the end of the month. I just found out all the different subjects I'll be studying at my induction day today and my, oh, my, I am excited. Too excited! I'm going to spend my life as a make up artist and I am going to love it. I already have so many ideas I want to do for the subjects. plus I have a 2 hour class just on wigs! I found my life calling and it's covered in fake hair and eyelashes.
Playing with make up for a living sounds flawless to me!
I'll be looking for stylists and photographers to work with so get in touch if you live near and you want to swap my skills for prints for my portfolio.
Did I mention I'm about to study to become a make up artist? Very happy and really really looking forward to it.

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