Sunday, 11 August 2013

Learning Primary and Secondary colours with Ice Cubes.

So Reuben has known all his colours for a while now so a few weeks ago(yes, yes, I've not got around to typing this post up until now) I decided it was time to show him how to mix colours.
Simply using ice cubes dyed into primary colours with food colouring and left to melt until they combine and make an exciting new colour! (I'm sure it's a lot more exciting than it sounds when you're a toddler compared to an adult.)

This was really simple to so and was good being able to prep for a game the night before. There is always the hyper moment between telling your child your going to play a game and finally getting around to getting the game ready!
 We got Reuben to name off all the colours and explained to him that they will make new colours but I'm not sure how much of it he got before the colours actually started changing!

And as for calling them primary colours, that just flew over his head but I'm sure when we do this again when he's a bit older he will maybe understand them a bit better.

He did get excited about the colours changing. I left them on the window ledge so the sun could melt them quicker and he was constantly trying to climb up and shouting 'colour game! colour game!' so I think he liked it!

We encouraged him to talk abotut he colour and what colours he thought they'd make and asked if he saw any new colours appearing. His favourite was the green but I think that was just the most obvious one that had changed.
All in all it was a good little game and I would recommend you try it with your toddler once they know all their colours and you are progressing onto how colours are made. Even if like Reuben they would not get it 100%.

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