Tuesday, 20 August 2013

DIY: Antibacterial Cleaner.

Having a toddler and having a house full of harmful chemicals is not something that sounds the slightest bit appealing to me, How about you?

How about you could easily and cheaply make your own great smelling cleaner that kills germs and cuts through grease and dirt on floors, tiles, worktops, bathroom surfaces etc? With only three  natural ingredients? Sounds perfect, eh?

All you need:
An airtight Jar.
Distilled white vinegar.
Orange peels (or any other citrus fruit.)
Spray bottle.

1. Place the orange peels and vinegar in the airtight jar and let sit for two weeks. Doesn't look to nice while it's in the mason jar but you want to make the scent as citrus-y as possible.

2. Strain into a measuring jug, keep note of home much liquid is left and pour it into the spray bottle. I set aside 400ml of vinegar and got back about 250 at the end of the week, so keep that in mind when you are choosing your spray bottle.
3. Add the same amount of water into the spray bottle to make it 50/50 and mix well.
4. Clean with peace of mind!

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