Sunday, 1 September 2013

My first week as a make up artistry student.

A run down of my first week at college. It's a bit long...
Only in three days a week and I forgot to take pictures.


Well, Monday was hard. I had been throwing up at the weekend and feeling rather crappy by the time Sunday night came so I barely slept. Last I remember looking at the time on my phone was 3am. Tried to tell myself it was just excitement to make myself feel better but my little tummy was sore.
Getting back into an early routine was hard. Even a nice cup of tea didn't make me feel better about having to get ready.
Although I'm always up this early, I don't usually need to be out the door for just after 8am which is a shock to the system. I was good and got all my stuff like clothing and lunch ready on the Sunday which made it like. 0.9999999% better but still, Ugh.

My first class of the day was 'Styling for a Total Look' which is as the name suggest, a total look. Hair, make up, clothing, the works! We have four weeks to put together a style board and step by step guide of how to achieve our desired looks. Sounded good until we got told our choices were 20's 30's 40's 50' or 60's. Ugh, I'm not a fan of any of these era's. Why could they not stretch to the 70's?

Second class was wigs and hair pieces!! We did a little bit of practical on how to pin up hair to wear under wigs, so I'm feeling like a total slob for just  slinging it up in a hair net. Opps!! But yes, we will be measuring each other and what not to get our own custom wigs made, not sure what the wigs will be like, I can't imagine the college will fork out for human hair lace fronts but yeah, wigggs! We'll also learn how to set and style wigs to. I love wigs, they make me happy, and to have two hours a week set aside to play with them makes me happier.

Third class was Style Dress and Finish Hair. Boring, boring, boring. I don't care about hair. ahaha. I know I need more hairdressing under my belt but I just want to get onto the wigs and the special effects make up!

Tuesday:It was a billion times easier to get up on Tuesday and be out the door for just after eight. I don't know if that's because I wasn't doing any hair classes or if I'd actually got some sleep Monday night. I don't know, could have been both!
We were supposed to have Special effects Make Up and body painting but ended up just spending the day doing special effects.We had a few little writing projects to do, on which I done well and had no amendments to make for next week but I think that was down to me just finishing up a course in the Beauty department of the college so I know what kinds of things they were looking for. The writing was just on all the products we'll use and how to safety remove them from the skin and also a few pages on bruising. Speaking of bruises after the lecturer showed us all of the products we'll be using she let us try out black eyes on each other! It's safe to say I wasn't 100% happy with my first ever black eye but once I get used to the grease paints and how blendable they are, I'm sure i'll get better.
Totally forgot I had a black eye and had a few people ask what happened to my eye! Opps.

Wednesday is a day off and it was filled with forms and forms and more forms. Drownign in forms and interviews.

Thursday:First class of the day was Bridal and Evening make up. But because one of the Beauty Lecturers have been called into jury duty we kind of got left in the class with face sheets and got told to draw and evening look with the worlds crappiest pens. I'm trying not to complain too much about just getting left and not really learning anything but I'm sure the college staff are more stressed out than me when it comes to one of them being missing.
Second class was just dedicated to researching looks we want to do in the second term. We were told just to concentrate on one look so I, needless to say choose Sci Fi. Just had to print out different pictures of people from the genre. It was ok, I understand we have loads to research to do for our characters but I know who I want to do so was a bit bored just looking at loads of things.

But yes, been a great week. Can't wait until next week to jump right in a learn some stuff.

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