Thursday, 19 September 2013

£1 MUA Lipsticks.

So after getting and posting about the £1 MUA Blushes, I was intrigued to see what else MUA have to offer. The quality was just unbelievable so I had to try out some more of the range. I popped into Superdrug today to see what they had in. Unfortunately they were not putting up stock until tonight so I missed out on a few things I wanted to try but I ended up with these two lipsticks.
I got Shade 2 and Shade 3.

I'm quite impressed with these. I'm trying to not compare them to my other lipsticks which are basically all MAC or Limecrime which are incredible lipsticks. I find that these aren't really too opaque with just the one swipe but you can build the cover up definitely. And in doing so, it doesn't really feel to heavy on your lips.
Lovely texture to them too but I may need to re-apply a few times during the day, if only I had a lip primer(next on my shopping list I think). Still better than a lot of High Street brands I've tried at six or seven times the price so if you wanted to experiment with a new colour without paying the price tag, try these. And if you're not keen on wearing a High End brand for every day, Try these.

I don't really know how to describe Shade 2. A dark pink on the cusp of being plum? Maybe?? But I can see being a staple of my Autumnal make up bag as I've already came away from the brighter colours to more wearable warmer colours.
I really love the colour. I love purple toned lipsticks but due to my ever changing hair colours, it's not always possible for me too pull them off btu always good to have a few lying about in case I get the chance!!

Shade 3 was picked up because I thought it was a bright blue toned pink and I am a fiend for blue toned pink beauty products. But, much to my surprise and a pleasant one at that, it turned out to be more on the red side of pink which I only have one other colour similar so I am looking forward to using this one more. My other red toned pink is a lot darker than this so it's nice to have the two different colours to choose from when I'm in a red pink mood.

I dare say I will be picking up some more shade in the range next time I am in Superdrug since they're easy going on the purse strings and a girl can't have too many lipsticks. Can she??

Have you tried any other shades in the MUA Lipstick range? If so, What would you recommend?

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  1. These are great shades Jen! Think I'll be picking up Shade 2 if I can find it! :) xx

    1. I think I might get addicted to buying these. Just so cheap.
      Shade 2 is lovely, I ended up giving mine to my wee Granny because she loved it, so I need to get myself another one.


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