Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Inglot Freedom System Haul.

So, due to the internet and the existence of Inglot store in Stirling I am officially poor but at least my eyes will be pretty. That's me half joking, I'd happily pay twice the price for these shadows hence why I'm going to buy all 160 shadows before Inglot put the prices up! Maybe not, but I'll sure as hell try!

Basically the freedom system is a build your own palette. They have many different types of pallets from pressed powders and blusher but I will be blethering on about the eyeshadow system today. The palettes range in size from 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 10, 20 and 40. I jumped in mid range and went straight for the ten palette.
I just got one palette with a selection of mattes both bright and neutral, mama loves her mattes, but plan on expanding to get two palettes and have a bright colours and neutrals. Then one day I plan on expanding once more to colour co-ordinated palettes such as all blues and all pinks/reds. I just need the funds.
So, lets talk pricing; The palette itself is £10 and for a ten pan palette, that's a blinkin' steal! The refil pans themself are £4.50 for 2.3g(matte weight) which again, a steal! Which means a full 10 pallete would cost you £55!! Like, what, how is that possible?
And considering I already favour these over my MAC shadows(1.5g) which would cost around the £170 mark, you can see why I am in love.

Here is what I have bought this past week. I will be doing an update because I have another order in the post being shipped to me right now, opps! I am restraining myself from ordering more but typing up about them is making me want more.

The packaging itself is really nice, I like the sleek minimalistic look they have going on. It's really super sturdy and a good weight. The magnets are really strong and you know your shadows and lid aren't going anywhere.
Another cool little feature is you can stack two pallets together due to the magnets which will be super handy in my make up kit.

I haven't really had time to do any swatches but  I will at some point before the end of the month but the colour play off is great. Really pigmented and I can see these lasting a long time. I would recommend you try out Inglot if you are looking for some professional grade make up, I know I will be using nothing but these eyeshadows from now on.

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