Wednesday, 1 January 2014

New Years Resolutions.

1. Spend more time on learning activities with Reuben.
Basically i just want to set aside 15 minutes a day sitting down with him to practice his writing or maths skills (or drawing if he's not in the mood because it'll help his dexterity too) and I also want to pick one day a week where we do some crazy science experiment and just have fun and learn everything we can together.

2. Make a diet plan and stick to it.
I will say right now, I don't mean 'go on a diet' because I am not planning to lose more weight at the moment after losing two and a half stone in the past year. Both Michael and I need certain diets but we don't always stick to them. I find myself eating a lot of things I know will make me ill so I'm going to work on my willpower with food.
I always want to try out different supplements that will make sure we are both getting the best after cutting certain things out of our diets.

4. Get more exercise.
I have become very lazy over this winter. I'm not working out at all and I'm doing the minimal amount of walking I need to do to get buy in life. This is something I need to change.
I want to start doing my Ballet Fitness again three times a week, going out for walks on the days I do not do a work out, as well as trying to attend Mauy Thai Boxing with my sister when ever I can.

5. Quit Smoking.
This one goes without saying and I try at least 3 times a year. One day I will do it.

6. Blog More.
I want to record our life a little better as well as share all the fun activities we do with others in the hopes that they will try it. I'm forever on the look out for new things to do so this is a great excuse to make sure i do them!!
Also going to make a few changed to this blog which I will get to in my next post.

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