Saturday, 21 December 2013

Where have you travelled? - Day 29 of 31 Day Blog Challenge.

Not many places really. I've travelled all over the Scotland and England when I was younger with my family then when I was a teenager I woke up in those same random places with a hangover and no recollection of how I got there.

Only been out of the UK twice.

Once when I was a teenager I visited Italy with a youth group. We sang for the Pope and what not but I really wish I could remember more of it. I feel like the sights such as the Vatican City and the Colosseum where a bit lost on me when I was in my early teens. I remember how beautiful they were but I feel to go back and see them ten years later would be so much better. Such beauty. Also, remember one women outside the Vatican with one eye begging for money, could be the first and last time I have seen an infected empty eye socket.

Also went to Tenerife with my grandparents when I was a teenager. I didn't enjoy it much, that's not a reflection on my grandparents, it was great of them to take me. But sitting in a hot country by the pool in a bikini is not my idea of a holiday. We did do some mountain walking, which is right up my holiday street, but by then I had a tan and my feet were so sunburned they'd swollen up really badly that I was just miserable.

Yes, boring post was boring, sorry guys.

love from
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