Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Two weeks to go...

So most people who know me know I am not a Christmas person. I don't like the music, I don't like the movies and I am allergic to half the decorations and the other half are far too tacky to even think about buying(coming for the women who bought a foot tall magenta stag covered in glitter last year).
I am no longer a Christian so that takes a bit of excitement away from the whole holiday season too.

But, this year seems different and I think it's down to having a toddler.
Yes, I have loved buying things for my nieces and nephew the past few years but it is far more exciting to search the internet for things for my own child. And I know I buy him things all year round. I take him to the toy shop every few weeks and pick him up a few things, but I'm pulling out the big guns now that he knows what Christmas is. We've told him about Santa so he knows presents are coming and I can't wait to see his expression when he opens his presents on Christmas morning and can see what Mummy, Daddy and Santa have got him.

I also can't wait to see what my family and friends have picked up for him as well. I'm  not even too bothered about my presents, I just want Reuben to have everything in the whole entire world and be happy. I know a few presents but others I don't and it's definitely going to be very exciting for me as well. I can not wait!

I officially love Christmas this year and I don't care who knows it.
I may even put up a Christmas tree this year!!

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