Thursday, 28 November 2013

The Ian Watkins case is stuck in my mind.

I read an article yesterday about the case and it's breaking my heart. I think it's the fact the article was so graphic, and maybe one of the worst cases I have read in a while, combined with the fact the man was quite prominent through my teen years. I personally was never a fan of The Lostprophets but a few people I knew did, so they were just always there.
I wish I could un-read it.

Last night I lay in bed with Reuben, him snuggling into my chest holding my hand whilst I wrapped my arms around him. One of those hugs that just make your heart so fuzzy and full of love that you never want to stop. Then there it was in my head, that article.

There is not one part of me that understands why people who are attracted to child are actually attracted to child. I turned to Michael and told him these people know they are doing wrong so why do they do it? If it's something you need to hide then don't blinkin' do it!! If I even once had a thought so disgusting pop into my head I would go straight to the doctors. I believe who you are sexually attracted to is hard wired into you, so I think if you are attracted to things that are immoral and illegal, you should seek help.

That's when I remembered the bit in the article that it was also the mothers. It's disgusting to think these women are... doing this? That's the only words i can use. To me a large part of parenting is protecting your child, making sure nothing bad ever happens to them.
I defiantly think you need to teach your child sexually boundaries, and from what I have read these children are far to young to understand but the mothers are not. Although Reuben is a bit young for 'sexual boundaries', we have still tried to teach him a little about it. Not to touch womens boobies was one we went through a few months ago and more recently told him that no one is allowed to touch his penis apart from him, Michael and I. (which had ended up in a bit of hilarity as he had dropped toys on himself and scolded them for touching his penis and last night he as moaning at me because my boobies were touching him as we hugged)

I don't know if there was point to this blog post but I think I just had to get it off my chest. it's so heart breaking and soul destroying I hope all children involved are safe now.

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